Xaos Magick

Xaos Magick is the mobile phone outreach arm of the Visual Math Institute.

It is a partnership of Kelley Landaker (Cloudragon Designs, creator of I Ching Planner Version 1) and Ralph Abraham (Visual Math Institute, Professor of Math, University of California at Santa Cruz).

Our collaboration on the I Ching has been ongoing since the 1970s, resulting in the website, www.yarrowstalk.org. Meanwhile, Kelley created and distributed the first I Ching Planner for the Palm Pilot (2002).

We have updated the I Ching Planner for the Apple iPhone. We are joined by a loose coalition of independent programmers. Our new app, King Wen provides convenient indices for our Micro Edition of the I Ching text.

Our mission is to provide easy access to the research and education content of the Visual Math Institute, including Euclid's Elements, the I Ching, the soroban (Japanese abacus), chaos theory, fractal geometry, and applications of these topics to various popular subjects.

27 February 2011