Magick Applications

The power of xaos magick depends upon a sigil model of magickal practice. In modern magick of the 21st century, a collection of various traditions and scientific models (quantum chaos) has crossbred. To exam these 'new schools' of magick, a new magical model that describes a magikal act withformula (parameters). The core of the Sigil Magic model is the 'user 's mind' and the event’s 'probability of coincidences'. Comparing the sigil model to psychedelic models, we find similar terms and structures applied.

Magick TermPsychedelic term
Mind Set Mind Link
Environment Xaosphere
Dosage Probability factor

Both of these models are based upon proportional relations. The magical act is inversely proportional to the resistance by the censor, where the mind set will be proportional to the dosage.

The mind set for any magical act is dependent upon a stable trance, such as a 'gamma spike brainwave’signature before entering into the trance.   This is the practice of the Tibetan monks who train 10,000 hours to 'turn on/off' the gamma synched brainwave pattern at will! This mind setis also valuable for magick.

The environment parameter can be adjusted by the experimenter/user. The 'probability of coincidence' is equally as important for ritual access to the xaoshere (environment). How the magical act is ritualized or setup is particular to the tradition's model, but the mind link and coincidence factors are universal parameters to all traditions.